Enough About You

Gravel Ride, Gifford Pinchot Forest in WA

by Daniel Gonzalez

This is the route that we followed as part of some official group ride that offered three routes of varying length.
We arrived at the Sunset Falls campground just as Todd was finishing up with final instructions, warnings. The group rolled out as we got ready, we followed maybe some 15 minutes later. The first half was traditional forest road with a nice view of Silver Star and Helens with some Adams poking out from behind near the summit. From that point on- the route started to feel very remote. In total we saw no other riders and only one other car until we made it back to nf42.
The car was a lifted Cherokee. The guy stopped us to ask if the road got any better, no, it only gets worse. In fact, it actually disappears! Part of 3810 had washed out completely.